and other civil registry documents
(NID, births, deaths and marriages)

- For PNG citizens living overseas
- For non-citizens who were born in PNG



PNG Document Services is a Papua New Guinea based operation handling lodgment of applications for official documents from PNG like police checks, birth/death/marriage certificates, company registrations and business licences. We also conduct due diligence reference checks, background checks, credit checks, identity verifications and commercial in confidence research for prospective business investors.

We also provide similar services for Solomon Islands, Nauru, Kiribati and other small South Pacific countries. Our director Aaron Hayes is an Australian consultant with many years business and professional experience in PNG and the Islands. And we're available 7 days a week to help you get what you need as quickly as possible.


The process of obtaining a birth certificate from the PNG Civil Registry / NID office when you are overseas is quite difficult and takes some time to prepare the application and takes more time for somebody in Port Moresby to stand in line to lodge your application and many days of coming back to their office to follow up until the certificate is ready for collection.

Some people try to do it by asking friends or wantoks in Port Moresby to lodge their application but if your papers are not prepared correctly with all the right documents attached, your application will just go to the bottom of the pile at the civil registry and won't be processed.

Our agency specialises in handling these applications. We know how to fill in the forms correctly, how to prepare the correct attachments, how to pay the right fees to the Civil Registry account, and which officers to deal with to get it done as soon as possible.

However it is unavoidable that the whole process will take a few months. Unfortunately there are no short cuts ... we don't pay bribes or lunch money to public servants - that’s not our style.

When you pay our service fee you are paying for our knowledge of the system, our many years experience, our professional relationships with the civil registry staff, our advice on preparing your application, our time for standing in line for you, and our careful handling and delivery of your certificate when it is ready.

At the same time we cannot guarantee that you will get a birth certificate at all (for example if the Civil Registry / NID office says you are not eligible or your application paperwork is not right), and we cannot guarantee to get your certificate by any particular timeline or deadline. The Civil Registry / NID office is under-staffed and the processing of applications takes time. The only way to fix that is for the government to allocate the Civil Registry more funding for more staff and resources and if you are a PNG citizen maybe that’s something you might like to take up with your local PNG member of parliament.

However once you have engaged our services we can issue a letter confirming that we are assisting you to prepare and lodge your application and you can forward this letter to Immigration or other authorities who have asked you to obtain the birth certificate and ask them for an extension of time.

If you would like us to assist you with your birth certificate application on the above basis, please contact us and provide us with some background about your situation and some details about your birth in PNG and we will give you a quote for the service. Our usual fee is AUD 300 but complex cases involving more preparation work may be subject to additional charges.

Once you have paid the applicable fee we will forward you application forms and detailed instructions on what you need to do. If any statutory declarations (affidavits) are required we will draft them based on information supplied by you, and we'll also give you a list of certified documents that you will need to attach to your application. We will then screen your application and make sure it is decision ready before it is lodged at the civil registry. We will pay any applicable registry fees on your behalf.

We regret that the process is not cheap because of the amount of professional time involved for us to provide you with case-specific advice, pre-screening of your application, lodging your application with the PNG Civil Registry and going back every week thereafter (sometimes every day) attempting to collect your certificate, but we are confident you will find it is the most economical way of obtaining your certificate.


We're available 7 days a week to help your prepare and submit your application as quickly as possible.
Port Moresby office (Operations): PO Box 531 GORDONS NCD 0135
Australian office (Sales/Admin): PO Box 6474 CAIRNS QLD 4870