World class aviation training in Australia

  • Commercial Pilot (1 year) Flight Attendant (3 mths)

  • Minimum application criteria: good results in Gr10/F4 Maths & English

  • Our program includes training, travel, accom, living costs - everything!

  • Accelerated training schedule with strict supervision

  • We'll help you apply for

  • We'll help you apply for airline jobs after qualifying

If you have ever dreamed of becoming an airline pilot or cabin crew this could be your opportunity.

Aircrew Australia is a private agency arranging supervised placement of PNG, South Pacific and Asian students in Australian aviation schools for short non-award commercial pilot and flight attendant programs. “Non-award” means no academic or training qualification is attained (only the private and commercial pilot licence or flight attendant accreditation which are not awards) and therefore a complicated student visa is not required. Our programs are accelerated so you can qualify faster and get your first aviation job sooner.

Pilot training takes place in three separate blocks of three months each. The first three months is Basic Flying Skills and leads to the Australian Private Pilot's Licence (PPL). The second block of three months is Advanced Flying Skills which adds various ratings and endorsements to the PPL like navigation and instrument flying. These first two blocks are taught by the NQAC Flying School at Mareeba aerodrome near Cairns. The third block of three months is study and flight training for the Australian Commercial Pilot's Licence at an aviation school in Townsville.

Our flight attendant program is based in Brisbane for one three-month block including 7 weeks training at the Aviation Australia cabin crew college and 5 weeks airline industry orientation and workplace observation at various airports and airlines offices in Queensland including ticket sales, flight check-in and a jet maintenance facility. Before heading home you'll also experience a light aircraft flight at Mareeba with one of our trainee pilots at the controls!

After gaining your commercial pilot's licence or flight attendant accreditation, Aircrew Australia arranges some supervised work experience in your home country then helps you begin applying for your first job with a charter operator, private / corporate aircraft owner or small airline.

From the beginning to the end, for each trainee we provide a complete training and support package including pre-departure briefings at home, welcome and orientation programs on arrival in Australia, accommodation and weekly allowance during the training, all air travel and ground transport, pastoral care and supervision, passport and visa assistance, aviation security passes, various licenses, textbooks and aviation gear, medical insurance and suitable clothing. Nothing more to pay.

If you are interested in applying and you think you have got what it takes, consider further our selection criteria below because this is what we'll be looking for:

  1. High level of English fluency ie speak English well
  2. Good results in Grade 10 / Form 4 / GCSE Maths and English
  3. Strong interest in aviation career
  4. Previous history of hard work, stickability and serious attitude to study
  5. Good health and physical fitness
  6. Neat and tidy grooming, professional looking appearance
  7. Confident, outgoing personality - especially for flight attendant

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